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Do You Have What it Takes to be part of a Hamilton Tiger Squad?


Contact Coach Darryl "Rev" Redman at 443-742-2468/ for details
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Social Responsibility
The Hamilton Tigers

  • Hamilton is the number one recruited youth organization in the area. It is imperative that our players maintain a certain GPA in order to be eligible for the top private schools. Each player’s grades are monitored during the season via daily progress reports.

  • Players must complete at least one community service event per season. It is important that young men develop a sense of community. Football is the ultimate team sport and having an attitude of togetherness is beneficial to a player’s growth.

  • Our objective is to have a player totally ready to compete for a starting job in any high school. Hamilton not only teaches the physical aspect of the game, but the mental as well. We believe that having great technique, a high football IQ, and a sense of physicality is what makes a football player ready. Those things combined with competing against top talent will have your player extremely prepared for the next level.

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